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I loved this book. This writer has an incredible sense of humor and offers real, raw honest truth in a way that makes me love her! I want to meet her and sit next to her and be her friend! I feel sure it reads like she might talk and wow what a trip that would be. Lots to learn from her in a warm, wonderful and welcoming way.

—Dr. Deborah Maxey,

author of the award-winning



About Lady Laura

pastor's wife | podcast host | award-winning author | speaker

Laura Simon is a passionate speaker who has a special place in her heart for pastors' wives, millennials, extraordinary women, and women's and men's ministry leaders, and she loves helping them live authentic lives within the "fishbowl" in and out of church culture.


She is an award-winning, best-selling author and frequent speaker who has combined her educational background and pastor-wife-life experience to give her the unique ability to bridge the gap between fiction and reality.


She is a contributing author for She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom and her articles and devotionals have appeared in Leading Hearts magazine and Arise Daily devotions.


Laura lives in Orange County, California, with her Man-Hubby. They have two young adulting daughters and two college-aged sons.


They lovingly lead Covenant City, a wonderfully colorful congregation of vibrant members who love Jesus, food, fellowship, and fun. She'd love to hear from you and can be reached by filling out the contact form below.

Send your booking inquiries , media requests or questions to Laura using the contact form below. If you are inquiring about booking for an event, please include a phone number, event dates and as much detail as possible—location, venue, audience, expected attendance, etc.

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